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Ben Laver is a British composer, producer and contemporary classical solo artist who specializes in scoring music to picture for television, film and branding @ Box of Toys Audio. Ben Laver is a founding partner of Box of Toys Audio Ltd, a creative music and sound design studio based in London. Over the last 10+ years Ben has composed music for 100's of well known brands such as Ubisoft, Nissan, BBC, Universal, Sky, O2, Fox, Disney, Reebok, Nike, Porsche, Lego, Gamescom, Coca Cola and Gucci to name a few.

Ben is signed to Vohnic Music, a record label located in Nashville, Tennessee. His contemporary classical releases have recieved over 50 million cross-platform streams and he has had much of his music placed on large Spotify, Amazon and Apple curated playlists. He also works under the moniker Ah. BLOOM, signed to Aiyara Music, for his more lofi, experimental releases

Ben is currently working on his 2024 collection of works titled 'Rainbow Hill' and 'UNITE'.

"My love for music began when I was around 4 years old. I remember watching my father play the piano for hours on end. He would sit me down, play me a song and then teach me how the chords, melodies and rhythms came together. I would learn everything by ear focusing purely on what felt right, which harmonies worked best and what feelings these combinations created. These early experiences gave me an ear and passion for all things 'music', I was compelled by how music and sound affects the way in which we communicate with both ourselves and others. I started to perform at every available opportunity and began to note down my ideas, recording them onto an early version of Cubase using an ancient PC and a bunch of second hand audio equipment.

Ben Laver ARTIST PIC 4.jpg

After years of nurture I went on to graduate from The Guildhall School of Music & Drama and then fell straight into the world of media, composing music and sound to picture. This opportunity to experiment with sound in both a conventional and unconventional way allowed me to develop my skills as a classical composer as well as a sonic architect. For me it was important to not just play the correct notes on an instrument but to also portray an emotion using textures, reverbs and electronics to articulate these feelings."

I am now the co-owner and founder of Box of Toys Audio Ltd, a highly creative sound company based in London developing music and sound design for 100's of worldwide brands. Like me, Box of Toys is fuelled by a passion for all things audio and thrives on providing bespoke, innovative and forward thinking music and sound design.

Through my relationship with music I aim to communicate the ethos that music and sound does not have to be based on rules but instead passion, innovation and creative influence, just as I was taught all those years ago."

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